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Cedar & Onyx

Kathryn Cowle & Jessica Speers | Sydney

Design-duo and gal-pals, Kathryn Cowle and Jessica Speers, started with a simple idea, to create liveable clothing for fashionable women. This grew into the eco-conscious, Australian made label, Cedar & Onyx; a brand that combines luxurious high fashion elements with innately effortless styles.


Brought together by their love of fabrics, textures and prints, Kathryn Cowle and Jessica Speers first crossed paths at design school in 2013. Becoming fast friends this bond soon blossomed into their label, Cedar & Onyx.

Cedar & Onyx is committed to creating garments for fashion-conscious gals on the go. Designers Kath and Jess understand the need for clothing to be easy and dependable, whilst also inspiring and leaving the wearer feeling good. Nestled between casual wear and high fashion, their designs offer the Cedar & Onyx gal confidence with versatile and uncomplicated style.

This understated luxury is the embodiment of the Cedar & Onyx design ethos. Sleek signature designs are met with an attention to clean lines, sourcing natural and sustainable fibres and maintaining ethical manufacturing practices.

A meeting of luxurious fabrics, unique prints, and unexpected combinations. Each collection begins with an exploration of fabrics and textures, refined into custom prints and hardware. The results are versatile, luxurious investment pieces, designed to be cherished parts of the Cedar & Onyx gal’s wardrobe.

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