Zoltan Csaki & Eric Phu | Sydney

Citizen Wolf, founded by Zoltan Csaki & Eric Phu, are taking on traditional fashion and changing the way clothes are made and sold. Starting with the humble T-Shirt, the Sydney based label offer perfect fit based around a core belief in buying better by buying less. Tailored to your body and made on-demand locally and ethically using lasers (yes, lasers!), you can finally get the T-Shirt you’ve always dreamed of...

Citizen Wolf is a casual lifestyle brand for those who know what they want but hate wasting time trying to find it. Founders Eric Phu and Zoltan Csaki believe the casual wardrobe is long overdue an upgrade. Why? Because details matter, and the most important detail is fit. 

“Fit is broken and it’s a universal problem affecting men and women alike” says Mr. Csaki, “Everyone deserves the benefits of tailoring everyday, not just the 1% who wear fancy suits to work”.

Citizen Wolf allows you to create your perfect Tee using an intuitive Self-Fit® system along with a multitude of styling options like a scoop neck, rolled and tacked sleeves, longer at the back and with or without a pocket.

"We offer tailored-fit plus personalised style, and our Tees will be the best you've ever worn. Guaranteed."

Citizen Wolf uses a simple but revolutionary process to capture your customisations in seconds and without a measuring tape! They then handmake each tee in Sydney from certified 100% organic cotton milled in Melbourne.

If patience isn’t your virtue, get 48 hour delivery on the ‘Almost Perfect’ White Tee - the data driven result of hundreds of fittings and a pretty darn good representation of modern body measurements. Basically it’s the best off-the-rack T-Shirt you can buy whilst maintaining the sustainable and ethical practices at the core of the brand.

Tees are their first product but this is only the beginning, with ambitions to create a wardrobe of uniquely perfect basics built exclusively around you!