Lesley Bakker & Melanie Grattidge | Melbourne

Born out of a boyswear 'black hole', mr willo specialises in inspired, eye-catching shirts and well considered, practical wear for the littles in your life. Handmade in Melbourne, the unisex children's wear label by Lesley Bakker & Melanie Grattidge is designed for play, growth and freedom of movement in style! "We are mr willo and we love to play".

At mr willo you will not set your eyes on stereotypical 'boys stuff'. Dinosaurs, cars and robots give way to a signature style that incorporates luxurious cotton flannelette, denims, soft cottons and linen. Think unique, vintage notions and reclaimed leather detailing. 

As designers, they strive to ensure longevity, sourcing high quality fabrics, offering traditional cuts with thoughtful tweaks and creating versatile, timeless pieces that can be passed on to special littles to enjoy time and again.

"We are passionate about quality and supporting local industry and also ensure that all of our clothing is made from natural fibres because comfort and practicality is as important as looking good. We strive to provide superior pieces that will withstand the tough wear that small children can inflict on their clothing and be passed down through families and dear friends for years to come."

The concept of Slow Fashion lies at the heart of this label with pieces designed and handmade locally in their Kensington studio. Thought is put in every step of the process. Mr willo also offer one of a kind shirts through their signature ◆ G U T H R I E ◆ range and exclusive short run pieces to ensure your little is an individual.

"We cut our fabric to ensure the off-cuts are as small as we can possibly manage and we keep all of our offcuts to repurpose in our designs, even becoming features. They are the patches on bottoms, reinforcements in knees and behind buttons and are pieced together to form completely new items wherever possible. No off-cut is discarded, it is held onto until we can find the perfect use for the piece."