Scott Benedictine




Warren Harrison | Melbourne

Scott Benedictine is a Melbourne based label with a high focus on quality and craftsmanship. We come from a background in master tailoring, and we wish to bring all that we've learned to a modern market.

We believe that the fashion market has a way to go and there will need to be many changes in the years to come. With full respect for where we've been, we wish to take all that we've learned and look forward, blending traditional techniques with modern thought processes and design. We'd like to re-connect an emotional aspect to the industry, showing that garments have worth greater then dollar signs.

We also believe that 'fit' is a relative concept. Something that is personal to the wearer. With this in mind we believe all our garments to be gender-fluid. Wear our pieces how you will, fitted, loose, however you deem to be your choice of perfect 'fit'. By purchasing a Scott Benedictine piece, we enter into a kind of collaboration. We spent the time on every stitch, but its true form shows when you put it on.

All of the Scott Benedictine Shirting is individually hand cut and machined in our Melbourne Studio 'Maison de Benedictine'. We carefully select the fabrics and take the time to pre-wash and hand treat everything in order to obtain the perfect fit and feel. We believe in 'slow fashion' careful & concise.