Courtney Holm | Melbourne

A.BCH is a designer basics label that offers a simple solution to a complex problem. We create beautiful garments made to last, complete with full transparency as to how each piece came to be. Our goal is to inform customers of the toll fast fashion is taking on the planet and its people, and offer them an easy alternative with the power to make a difference. 

"Our style is classic, with masculine features offering a range of wares for women and men, that are interchangeably unisex. We believe in our fabrications, right down to every thread and have gone to great lengths to ensure that each part of our garment is considered and created with purpose."

A.BCH is based in Melbourne Australia. They are committed to sourcing local whenever possible and manufacturing everything locally to the highest quality. This is not only good for our economy and skilled workers, but also reduces their overall carbon footprint by minimising air, land and sea transport. 

The team consists of 6 passionate people who work at varying capacities, while their product supply chain reveals hundreds of others who are deeply involved in what A.BCH do.