Collective Closets

Fatuma & Laurinda Ndenzako | Melbourne

African born and Melbourne raised sisters, Fatuma & Laurinda Ndenzako are the cofounders of Collective Closets. The label is a harmonious marriage between their two cultures, the chic deconstructed but restrained silhouettes of Melbourne and the wild, untamed, and deregulated aesthetics of modern African fashion drawing inspiration from the city of Nairobi where a new African fashion renaissance is fast emerging.

Based in Fitzroy, the Collective Closets team manufacture all their garments locally, and source fabrics from Africa.  At the heart of the label is an ethos of socially conscious design, that respects and supports those involved in each step of the process.

"We all love to look good and not necessarily spend a lot of money but the price of our appetite for cheap and throw away fashion comes at a cost to someone somewhere. Developing a label that was socially conscious and reflective of our social ethics was important to both of us. We wanted to make sure that every aspect of our design and manufacturing was supportive, symbiotic and mutually beneficial for everyone involved."

This includes a partnership with ANPPCAN (The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect) which emerged after meeting Wambui, one of the inspiring and dedicated ANPPCAN directors, who first brought to their attention the extensive problems of child trafficking in Kenya.