Erik Yvon | Melbourne

Self titled label Erik Yvon is ethically produced in Melbourne and endeavors to support local businesses by engaging with the community. The designs are reflective of a modern world where; cultures have collided, gender has neutralised and we are learning how to be expressively fluid and accepting.

"The ERIK-YVON look is an effortless street gender fluid identity. A modern take on street wear accentuated with refined fabrics and heightened with our bold graphics."

Based in Melbourne, Erik draws inspiration from his origins in Mauritius, creating contemporary streetwear for men & women. Collections feature gender neutral, transeasonal pieces and run on a limited edition basis.

At the core of each collection is a dynamic combination of colours, prints, shapes and textures inspired from artists, diverse cultures and everyday surroundings.

Based in Collingwood, 100% of the label's production takes place on-shore, an element that the designer sees as key to supporting & engaging with local businesses. 

“We firmly believe in making a change by strengthening our local industry by keeping our onshore production transparent and ethical.”

The label has been recognised in national design competitions such as The Wool Awards and the Australian Fashion Awards.