MAUDE Studio

Courtenay Tyrrell | Melbourne

Inspired by iridescence, the underwater world, and all things shiny, MAUDE Studio is an independent designer brand producing ostentatious accessories. Instilling brilliance into each thoughtful design, the Melbourne based label create awe-inspiring statement handbags and sunglasses.

"We are focused on producing a valuable alternative to leather handbags by celebrating the aesthetic benefits of synthetic fabrics through considered design, texture, shine, embellishments and vibrant colour. "

Each piece in the handbag collection features fabric carefully selected for its own unique beauty, whether it’s reptile, diamond or pebbled in opalescent hues of electric blue, hot pink or emerald green. Brilliant white and matte black make up some more subtle finishes, while the latest release includes chunky glitter paired with metallic foiling. Their range includes hand embellished sunglasses featuring intricate bejewelled decadence atop marbled, tortoise shell patterned and transparent frames.