G Terlato



G Terlato

Aldo (Gesualdo) & Marie Terlato | Melbourne, Victoria

G Terlato is the boutique collection of couture shoes by Melbourne based designer Gesualdo Terlato. Each pair is lovingly hand-crafted with the finest materials and design details; Italian leather, silk and suede, with Swarovski crystals, beads and pearls…


The DNA of G Terlato lies with Gesualdo Terlato, an Australian born designer of Italian Sicilian heritage with three generations of couture experience. A longstanding Couture designer in his own right, after 30 years of creating bridal and evening gowns, Gesualdo has now ventured into footwear.

The result? The debut collection presents a boutique collection of statement making pieces that draw on the designer’s years of experience, traditional techniques and celebrate the art of shoe designing.

The luxury pieces are crafted from Italian leather, silk and suede and feature Swarovski crystals, beads and pearls. Each pair is lovingly handcrafted with particular attention paid to the finest materials and design details. The collection features feminine designs in exquisite shades of gold, silver, ivory, black and nude, each finished with G Terlato’s signature green sole. 

The designer draws inspiration from the stylish and beautiful women in his own life; his wife, mother and grandmother amongst others. You’ll find each design named after a key female influencer including his long-time friend, model and entrepreneur Helene Abicair who referred to Terlato as “Melbourne`s own Valentino”.

The brand lives and breathes the concept of “Speranza” the Italian word for HOPE. In Gesualdo’s own words, the luxury masterpieces am to bring “hope into every step” motivating women to be their best and turn heads wherever they go!

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