"We love Melbourne. We shop local and as consumers we love to know the stories behind the items we buy, where they've come from, and how they're made.  
 The future of retail is changing fast and we want to make sure our emerging fashion labels are moving with it. We're here to help give the designers of curated a head start."

Brauz is a local Brunswick start-up helping bring customers back in to brick and mortar stores. We work closely with local retailers to help get discovered and followed. 

With our app, retailers and brands can build a more meaningful connection with their customers. Brauz is a platform designed for retailers and brands to tell stories about their business and products.  

Brauz helps retailers seamlessly connect, engage and interact with customers across the physical and digital space.  

Imagine walking by your favourite store, receiving a notification on your phone letting you know those shoes you love are finally back in stock, and they're in your size... and they're 10% off if you come in today. This is just one example of how Brauz brings customers back to brick and mortar stores.  
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