MEET | Charles Parsons & Co



We're thrilled to be working with Charles Parsons & Co to bring our September 2018 pop-up space at Melbourne Fashion Week (MFW) to life! 

"Celebrating a centenary in textile and garment production, Charles Parsons & Co supports the Australian Fashion Council and the next generation of emerging talent in fashion design." 



With over 100 years as an industry leader, Charles Parsons & Co is renowned for its reputation in fabric and textile operations across Australia and New Zealand, with a multi-faceted portfolio built on success. Founded in 1915 by Charles Leslie Parsons, Charles Parsons has a proud heritage and remains a privately owned 4th generation family business with unmatched expertise spanning the textile industry. 

Originally established to supply fabrics to suit manufacturers, today Charles Parsons is prominent in almost every category where textiles are key to production. From developing roll stock fabric for everyday clothing and high fashion designs, to supplying fabric and trimmings for performance sportswear, school and corporate wear. Charles Parsons’ portfolio is also diversified with its prominence in the homewares market covering drapery, upholstery, linings and finished goods. 

With deep technical and specialist knowledge, Charles Parsons has its own independently accredited testing Laboratory to ensure their fabrics and trimmings are fit for purpose, and also offer external testing of garments for customers. Today, Charles Parsons continues to provide garment manufacturers with the fabrics, trims and accessories necessary for all aspects of garment construction. 

Charles Parsons has diversified into supplying stretch fabrics with the acquisition of Eclipse Textiles The leader in stretch fabrics including LYCRA and Spandex fibre catering specifically for Fashion and Active wear. 



We can't wait for you to see what's planned for our labels! Make sure you visit the MFW pop-up to see for yourself, Aug 31- Sep 7, at Melbourne Town Hall, and in the mean time, have a look see at the Charles Parsons & Co website via the link below...