Tasi Travels



Tasi Travels

Jessica Abraham | Sunshine Coast, QLD

 Tasi Travels is a travel clothing brand combining minimalism, practicality and style. We believe in travelling light, in being able to pack less, but better. All of our styles are made in Australia using sustainable fabrics.


Tasi Travels was inspired by a trip to East Timor in late 2016. Meaning “ocean” in the local Tetun language, Tasi pieces combine minimalism, practicality and style.

“Our travel clothing is designed so that you can go away with only a handful of items that are versatile and practical enough to be all you need.”

 Tasi Travels predominantly use Tencel for their designs, while also being one of the most sustainable textiles available, their fabric Tencel is incredible for travel. It dries quickly, doesn't wrinkle and is blissfully breathable.

 All Tasi Travels pieces are made here in Australia, working with two seamstresses in-house in their Sunshine Coast studio and three small-scale manufacturers in Melbourne.

“We endeavor to create a community of wanderers and to inspire slow, authentic travel. We want to help you travel freely, travel easily and travel often.”