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We're thrilled to be working with DesignByThem who brought to life our AFC Curated pop-up space at The Strand in May! 

"We believe it is important to support emerging and independent Australian designers as their success contributes to a better creative economy and inspires the next generation of great designers."

In 2007, DesignByThem was founded by industrial designers Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis. The company is run by Australian designers who are dedicated to creating and producing unique products for design professionals and enthusiasts alike. The brand’s curated collection of furniture, accessories and lighting is characterised by its unique Australian perspective, timeless aesthetic and distinct playfulness. 

Our Team

Collaboration is key. The name DesignByThem is representative of not only the multiple designers that we represent but also the people that help us make it happen. We believe that collectively we can create great designs under one brand. Our products are designed by Australian designers and are produced in-house by the DesignByThem team. 

To produce great work, you need a great team who love what they do, enjoy working together, motivate each other, care for each other and are always striving for new challenges and improvements. This is our team and it is what allows us to compete in the global marketplace.


Promoting Australian design is at the heart of our entire business and is why we have focused on producing only Australian design.

Through our products, talks and events we hope to educate the general public and wider design community about the importance of product design and the talent that lies within Australia. Co-founders Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis are active advocates for Australian design, both frequently participating in panel talks and events involving design. Co-Director Nicholas Karlovasitis is the Design Institute of Australia NSW Chair is involved in DIA strategies and events around Australia. Sarah is a regular speaker on Design and Creative Business and a judge of Good Design Awards.

Co-founders Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis

Co-founders Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis


We can't wait for you to see what's planned for our labels! In the mean time, have a look at the DesignByThem website via the links below...

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