Oneiric Joins Curated | Work Shop

Oneiric Joins Curated | Work Shop

Yet another reason why you need to take yourself to the Curated Work Shop space at St. Collins Lane!

Tucked away on level 1, you'll find a distinct change of pace to the usual city shopping bustle. In place of sale signs and bargain baskets, you'll find an industrial sewing machine, patterns, toiles, and a designer or two.

These local independent labels are inviting you behind the scenes, to see their creative process and watch their designs come to life. If you've visited the space, you might be familiar with Warren from Scott Benedictine, Brian from Mndatory and Courtney from A.BCH. Now joining the crew is Melbourne based label Oneiric by Sandra Estepho. 



Launching in 2015, Oneiric creates tailored and handmade garments, with a mission to evoke emotion, mood and attitude within everyday wear. The textile and details chosen aim to accentuate silhouettes, with the overall aesthetic translating to modern and experimental cuts.

 "I wanted to provide women with the clothes that allowed them to fantasise and dress to their mood, allowing them to express their inner femininity." Sandra Estepho.
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