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Method of Denim

Lloyd Boolkin | Bondi Beach

Method of denim is an On Demand, Made to Measure custom denim label, bringing to life customised creations by combining the power of technology in partnership with denim artisans.

“We create denim that is unique and puts the power of collaboration in to everyone’s hands. Cultural traditions and denim heritage meet artisanal innovation allowing a human-made luxury experience attainable to anyone, anywhere. This is Your Denim, Your DNA”.

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Bondi Beach based label Method of Denim was founded by Lloyd Boolkin, who’s blood bleeds blue in the Australian manufacturing industry. His grandfather arrived in Australia after WW2 and created a life for his family in the textile industry in the 1950’s, Sydney. He was one of the first importers of 9oz denim to Australia - you could say denim is in Lloyds DNA.

The label begins with a love for denim; the 90s grunge, the acid wash of the 80s, the flares of the 70s. Method of Denim is based on the ethos that Fashion shouldn’t be restricted by a decade.

“It’s about breaking the rules, an expression of creativity and a celebration of oneself –to put it plain and simple, wearing it how you like it… Denim has signified freedom and identity - Everyone in the world has a piece of denim and each piece has a story to tell.  Rejecting the dehumanizing effects of mass production and consumerism. Method of Denim is an act of rebellion, creating a final garment which is truly representative of who you are”.  

Method of Denim is part of the new wave of labels that are doing their part to address the issue of overproduction within the fashion industry. In order to combat overproduction, they only make denim pieces that have been pre-ordered and have a home. This means that you get denim that fits, and the environment is happier for it too.

In a true collaboration between the consumer and the brand, Method of Denim utilises auto pattern generating technology and predictive body measurement to make denim garments made to each individual’s body measurements. From the wash, to the hem, distress, and fit, you’re in charge.

“This is denim made for you, by you – and there ain’t no other piece like it. This is Method of Denim”.

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