Curated Work Shop

Curated Work Shop


part show room, part working studio.

A limited-time, live studio residency and evolving collaboration between three rising labels; A.BCH, MNDATORY & Scott Benedictine, within Emporium Melbourne this July & August! 


Behind every garment lies an incredible history and a complex process that few consider before they buy. Although more people are asking where their clothes came from, the complexity is difficult to visualise when the shopper’s experience is often so one-dimensional.

That is why, for a limited time, Emporium Melbourne’s prestigious shopping centre in the heart of the city, will host its first live studio residency for three rising local designers!

Introducing Work Shop, a space that’s part show room, part working studio. Three labels selected from the Curated group, A.BCH, Scott Benedictine and MNDATORY will occupy a traditional retail space with a subversive approach from July 3rd - August 23rd.

Work Shop allows YOU to experience the behind-the-scenes processes of a fashion house, from conception to development to construction and presentation. See the labels in their element, sewing machines and all. Ask them about their process and get to know their stories.

Work Shop visitors can expect a visual cascade of meticulous and harmonious creation, at a refreshing pace that both educates and inspires. 



A.BCH is a Melbourne-based, Australian-made fashion label by Courtney Holm, created for individuals who care about garment provenance and design circularity. 

MNDATORY is an Australian designer menswear brand by Brian Huynh. Building on wardrobe fundamentals through a transformative design approach, MNDATORY honours every material they use by merging contemporary ideas with classic silhouettes.

Scott Benedictine respectfully blends traditional techniques of master tailoring with new age thought processes and design. The label by Warren Harrison aims to re-connect an emotional aspect to the industry, showing that garments have worth greater than dollar signs.


Monday 3rd July - Wednesday 23rd August, 2017
Emporium Melbourne Level 2, Shop 218, 287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
Shopping Centre Hours: 10am-7pm, 10am-9pm Thurs/Fri

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