Peter Naughton



Peter Naughton



An accomplished senior designer, creative director and forecaster with over 23 years of experience working in both Australia and Europe, we are thrilled to have Peter Naughton on board as a Mentor for our Curated labels!

Recognised for visionary leadership in Australia, Peter has contributed to the success of brands like SABA, COUNTRY ROAD, LEVIS, STUSSY, LEE, ELWOOD, METALICUS and ELKA COLLECTIVE, to name a few. His broad background of expertise encompasses working across menswear, womenswear, denim, sportswear, streetwear, tailoring and knitwear.

Peter's current focus is on sustainability and exploring new ways of building greater consumer and industry awareness in Australia. During his time in Copenhagen, in a senior role at RABENS SALONER, he experienced an inspiring design process based on sustainable practice, cultural partnership and innovation. It was here that he was also involved with the Danish Design Institute and launch of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit.

He has also delivered guest lectures to RMIT and Whitehouse and contributed to the global forecasting agencies of Scout (Sydney) and Future Laboratory (UK).