Vivien Shen | Sydney

A uniform for the quietly confident man, Articulers by Vivien Shen is a contemporary menswear label with a unique blend of tailored and sportswear inspired pieces. Designed and made locally out of Sydney, Articulers is built on an ethos of considered design and ethical production processes.

"Personal style is quite a discerning language that is built over time. Clothes and dressing is such a subtle art in articulating the way we see ourselves, and how we'd like the world to see us. This is how I define the label and the word Articulers."

Articulers by Vivien Shen, offers men contemporary pieces that they keep returning to. The label seeks to be a unique part of their fashion vocabulary, yet sit harmoniously alongside a classic coat and a staple white tee. It is not something that becomes irrelevant or disposable after a few wears.

Articulers hopes to shift attitudes towards fashion, from something that needs to be 'fast' and changing, to an idea that is more sustainable. Building a wardrobe with pieces that have been considered, from design through to ethical production processes.

A uniform for the quietly confident man, Articulers subtly plays with the notion of gender assignment in clothes, and is characterised by a design aesthetic blending traditional tailoring with sportswear.

Based out of Marrickville, Vivien has established relationships with local makers, with all production processes currently taking place in Sydney.