Paul Stam | Melbourne

Guerrilla Theatre Brand (GTB) is a mythical, multi-layered tale, chronicling visions of the future that find life not only on the page and screen but seamlessly through fashion that is wearable art.

The story’s protagonist is Guerri - a hybrid human with powers that allow him to travel into other realities - who, with his spirit guide, Soph, battles a malevolent entity intent on consuming humanity using our own technology against us.

The design aesthetic of the GTB product range is shaped by the story. Chapter 1, available online and in-store now, is ready-for-anything – athletic, fashionable and fierce - and focused primarily on a black and white palette.

As the story develops and each chapter unfolds, so does the GTB product range. The upcoming chapters (next chapter releasing/showing in March) and collections build upon the colour palette and feature exciting collaborations with artists including Ryan Ady Putra, Sean Morris and I heart DIY by Panida.

With statement pieces like a leather biker with hand cut crystal stone spikes (made from real tiger eye, gold sheen obsidian, rose quartz amongst others) a velvet kimono with hand sewn beading over skull yin yang art by Ryan Ady Putra to street wear staples such as printed tees, hoodies with screen printed patches sewn on with art by Sean Morris and parachute tracksuit pants with hidden snap button sides and reversible parachute/velvet bomber jackets with embroidered art, GTB is taking wearable art in a luxury street wear context to the next level.

"The brand ethos is to collaborate with a wide range creatives/makers to bring the story to life. We work in an agile way with the team expanding and contracting as required."

Each chapter of the GTB story is brought to life by a short film that not only illuminates the narrative but showcases the fashion looks, artist collaborations and design.

In this time of fast fashion, “masstige” and shuttered retail spaces, Guerrilla Theatre Brand makes fashion with a story, with heart, with art . . .

Now made in Melbourne.