Paul Stam | Melbourne

Guerrilla Theatre Brand (GTB), designed and manufactured in Melbourne, is doing fashion differently. GTB has a tale to tell and invites its discerning audience of fellow disruptors to WEAR THE STORY.

GTB is the creative brainchild of Paul Stam who has penned a mythical, multilayered narrative, chronicling visions of the future that find life on film, art and then seamlessly through fashion that is wearable art.

Each chapter of the GTB story is brought to life by a short film that not only illuminates the narrative but showcases the fashion looks, artist collaborations and design.

The story’s protagonist is Guerri - a hybrid human with powers that allow him to travel into other realities - who, with his spirit guide, Soph, battles a malevolent entity intent on consuming humanity using our own technology against us.

2019/20 sees us re-join Guerri for CHAPTER 2 - HIGH POWER. Guerri is beginning to use his powers and travels into an ascended spiritual reality; through battles, and a fated meeting with his spirit guide, Soph, he acquires the ultimate knowledge of the universe.

True to GTB’s culture of creativity and disruption, Stam brings his hero’s journey to life through film, through art and through fashion. Chapter 2 sees collaborations with emerging artists Gareth Stehr (aka dirtsqid), Samantha Darling (aka Marian Machismo), Ryan Ady Putra, Chris Drummond, Sam Octigan, Sean Morris, Fikos Antonios and Chehehe. Each artist was given a verse, a moment, from CHAPTER TWO as their inspiration.

“It was important to match each artist’s style to what is happening in their verse - we wanted each artist to bring their own unique point of view and aesthetic, and to truly showcase their talents as they brought the story to life.” Paul Stam

The design aesthetic of the product range is shaped by the story and is ready-foranything – athletic, fashionable and fierce. It takes luxury streetwear to a new level.