Rebecca Koster | Melbourne

When Rebecca Koster opened her silver smithing studio in 2015 , Melbourne welcomed a new age of minimalist jewellry to its already vibrant creative-collective. Working with 100% recycled sterling silver, sourced from like minded Australians, Rebecca incorporates ethically acquired stones or synthetics into her pieces - because no one can tell the difference and she's not an asshole.

Minimal. Eye Catching. Ethical.

Upon graduating from an Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology in 2014, Rebecca Koster was duly awarded the e.g.etal gallery award for her final graduation collection. Shortly after she was announced as "Runner Up" for Design Graduate of the Year - hosted by none other than the Design Institute of Australia (DIA). With such recognition assigned to her work it seemed only natural for Rebecca to continue to build on already solid foundations - Promptly, she announced her place in the world of hand crafted jewellry, with the creative title of RBCCA KSTR.

Loyally and relentlessly, Rebecca has produced bold designs which reflect the belief that any timeless piece of jewellery should have the ability to stand proudly alone or to mingle heavily with its counterparts. RBCCA KSTR's savvy, hand sculpted articles easily work themselves into any season, outfit or occasion, reiterating that a unique and flawless aesthetic has been formulated... And it is here to stay.

Her adaptable designs allow for growth within your life, and wardrobe, while remaining true to the minimalist in us all. This is because Rebecca understands that there is great romantic beauty in wearing, embodying, misplacing and rediscovering adornments that resonate closely with your heart.

As a young designer, it is clear to see that Rebecca Koster has infused herself into her work. The clean lines mimic her self aware, straight shooting nature. The bold stones reflect her assertion and pride. The honesty behind her designs is extraordinary. It is hoped that once you have discovered and explored RBCCA KSTR, that you too will fall deeply in love. With not only the designs, but the woman behind it all - the strong, dedicated and adeptly talented Rebecca Koster.