SAP HotNews Review

SAP HotNews is a free news service. It is available for both Mac and Windows, and offers a customizable dashboard. Users can choose from categories, product versions, and applications to filter the news. They can also customize their subscriptions, and set filters for news that they are interested in. The service is completely free and does not include ad banners. The app is also available in a mobile version, if you prefer to read it that way.


HotNews is free and highly customizable. It provides the latest news and updates from various vendors and applications. Subscribers can opt to receive specific topics or products, or subscribe to a general feed. In addition, HotNews can be customized to match the application requirements of different users. Consequently, it is an indispensable resource for IT professionals who want to stay current on industry trends. The service is also available in a variety of languages, so users can find news that pertains to their specific language or business.

While HotNews is a free service, it has limited features and security features. It may not be suitable for large organizations. It is best suited for personal use. It provides important SAP system news. While this service is limited in features, it is highly customizable and suitable for any size of organization. Regardless of the application or size, it is still a valuable tool to keep abreast of industry developments. So, if you are a SAP professional, HotNews will be an invaluable resource.

Hotnews is a free online news service for SAP. It is a free, reliable resource for SAP industry professionals. You can subscribe to topics and products that interest you. For instance, you can read the latest SAP news, or browse the latest updates. It is also constantly updated, so you can keep up with industry trends. And the best part? It is completely customizable. This means you can customize Hotnews to your specific needs. There are several features and customization options available to make it ideal for your application.

Another key feature of Hotnews is its low cost. It is free but has some limitations, like security and privacy features. For smaller organizations, it is best for personal use, but for larger ones, it is a must for SAP professionals. It is free for users, and is very useful for keeping up with news related to your industry. If you are an SAP professional, you should definitely subscribe to HotNews. You can also get updates for specific SAP products and software.

SAP HotNews is a free online news service from SAP. The newsletter is updated daily and has high priority. It is a great resource for IT professionals. You can subscribe to topics, products, or services you are interested in, or to specific products. If you are an SAP customer, you can read SAP news. The service is easy to use and is always updated. And you can even customize it to your business’s needs. The only catch is you must be a SAP customer to subscribe to it.